What’s “Beppu Onsen Route 88”?

Originated from Beppu hatto onsendo, this is a project of taking pictures of 88 people who are related to Beppu at various 88 hot springs in 88 different ways. It's planned to take a several years to complete the project.

There will be web contents that can be used as “photo album” and “guide map,” then the project will be expanded to various styles such as magazines, events, exhibition. It’s pronounced “Beppu Onsen Route 88 (Hachi-Hachi; literal translation is “Eight-Eight.”) The theme of the project is “ties.”

It will be great if people realize how wonderful Beppu is and the importance of communication through the project.

*This page is for “We are the world Project” now.
*Beppu Onsen Route 88 (BOR88) is looking for sponsors. For more information, please look at Corporation Recruiting.
*A teaser page will be open in Winter 2018.

What’s “We are the world Project”?

“We are the world Project,” the project #001.
BOR88 will start shooting for the 1st project to start up the crowdfunding in Winter 2018.
Following the shooting, there will be club event! Any college students in Beppu or alumni/a are welcome to participate in the project!

Project Overview

Time Date and Time: Sunday, June 17, 2018.
OPEN: 11:00 START: 12:00 END: 17:00
Fee Entrance free (Please burden any fees such as transportation expenses or borrowing bathing suits etc.)
Place Kitahama Onsen Thermus
11-1 Kyo-machi, Beppu-shi, O-ita 874-0926 Japan Tel: 0977-24-4126
google map

Photographer:Sinpu Tokyo
and more!!

College students from 88 countries will be asked to be placed at the same position as the World Map and bathe in the same hot spring with everyone and take group pictures. All the pictures including unposed pictures or interview videos will be on web or magazines as the 1st project of BOR88 by Sinpu Tokyo.
There will be an opening party on the shooting day. DJ will play music!

Shooting Plan

Left pic: We will ask you to bathe in hot spring like this picture to take group pictures.*The photo shown is a sample.
Right pic: Only when shooting, men are asked to be naked on upper body, and cover your lower body with towels.
Women are asked to cover your upper body with towels (You can wear bathing suits underneath).

Please check your country on the World Map!

Qualifications ・OK for your figure and name to be seen on website or magazines.
・Current college students in Beppu or alumni/a
(student ID or driver’s license will be required)
・Having no problem with bathing with a bunch of other people (shooting will be mixed bathing with bathing suits)
How To Apply Please go to Entry Form at the bottom of this page and mark the “Participate in the project” button, and then write down how you got to know the project and which college you are/graduated from in Inquiry section.
We will contact you once the form has been submitted.
Volunteer Staff Wanted! We are also looking for following volunteer staff.
1, Hair and makeup staff (only natural makeup needed)
2, Behind the scenes video filming staff
3, Receptionist staff (guiding students etc.)
4, Student staff (recommended for students who don’t want to bathe but are willing to participate in the project. May ask to do small tasks.)

Please go to Entry Form at the bottom of this page and mark the “Participate in volunteer” button, and then write down your desired position in Inquiry section.
We will contact you once the form has been submitted
Time Table
(There might be a change in schedule)
Meet up at lobby of Kitahama Onsen Thermus at 11am.

Check-in at reception, and then get dressed.

Meet up at the outdoor health bath area.
Take individual pictures.
and take a photo College students from 88 countries

Free time after taking group pictures.
Get the party started!
Please enjoy Thermus’ hot spring.
(unposed pictures will be taken during free time)

take a photo all together at the end

Party ends at 5pm.
What To Bring ・ID (student ID, driver’s license, passport or resident card)

・Bathing suits
You can wear bathing suits in the outdoor health bath area.
(When not shooting, you can wear T-shirts and shorts in the area.)
Wear towel around your body over bathing suits for the group picture.
*For women, hide the bathing suits shoulder straps.
*Rental bathing suits are available if you don’t have your own.
Rental bathing suits for women: 200 yen
Rental bathing suits for men: 150 yen

・Towels for bathing
Loud towels are recommended, but white towels are fine too.
Bring big enough towels so that men can hide crotch without holding it with hands, and hide up to upper body for women.
Bath towels for sale: 400 yen
Body towels (smaller towels to wipe your body): 200 yen
Notes ・We are looking for people from 88 countries, but people from the same countries are welcome as well.
Bring your friends! (Japanese students are also welcome)
・Please apply individually. If you are participating as a group of 3, all 3 people need to apply individually from Entry Form.
・We will mainly take photos of college students, but vocational school or high school students are also welcome to join the event.
・Please burden any fee such as transportation expenses at your expense.
・All the pictures taken for the project will be given to you for free. We will ask for your email address at reception.
・Participating only in group pictures is OK if you are from the countries with no bathing culture.
・Please keep in mind that all the pictures taken will be used for PR for Beppu City, Thermus etc.
・An after-party will be held at “Beppu entertainment bar space NEON Beppu” on the same day.
・This is NOT an official project of the following universities in Beppu:
“Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University”
“Beppu University”
“Beppu University Junior College”
“Beppu Mizobe Gakuen College”
“Institute of Geothermal Sciences Graduate School of Sciences, Kyoto University”
Therefore, it is not allowed to advertise the project on campus (distributing flyer etc.).
And please do NOT ask any question at city hall or any universities.
・Beppu City and Beppu Hot Spring Section are helping us, but all the responsibilities go to BOR88 Committee.

・If you have any question, requests for reporting the event or sponsoring,
please contact Gen Fukuda (a.k.a. Sinpu Tokyo), the Committee Chairman of BOR88, at info@thefinalview.com

Printing Flyer

PDF version of the flyer is available below.
Please print, and then give them to your friends, post on shops, anywhere around town (permission required when posting though) to support this project! (A4 size)
*Once again, please do NOT advertise the project on campus.

Entry Form

Your name
E-mail address
Contents Participate in the project
Participate as volunteer
New idea proposal
Nationality  *Please write your company name if you are willing to sponsor.
Phone number
Please fill in all blanks.